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Bath and Spa for women and children

Where luxury and affordability collide!

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  • Bath and Spa for Women and Children

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We believe everyone should be able to pamper themselves and make bath time 100% fun! Beyond das Skin , a father and daughter venture, is where luxury and affordability collide.  Sonja Tiberi has a background in journalism and marketing/communications. My father, Andre, has been in the spa and sports locker room distribution and sales business for 40 years! Together, they make a dynamic duo, bringing you the best products for your family at a budget friendly price!  

Indulge yourself in our Cuccio line including; Dry Body Oils, Milk Bath, Lotions, Body Butter and a variety of other incredible skin care and nail products.  Kiddos splash away with our creatively named Bath Nuggets, Bubbling Salts, Crayon Soaps, Bath Paints, Body Washes, Lotions and so much more! We didn’t forget about the Teenagers, check out of Teen line! At Beyond das Skin we want you to feel relaxed and release the tension of the day, therefore we now carry a CBD line you don’t want to miss including oils, Bath Bombs, Gummies and Dog treats!

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These next level, pure lightweight oils, are infused with essential ingredients that absorb quickly for a more effective hydration experience



Our Body Wash is glittery fun in the tub or shower and our ultra-fine glitter is sure to add a sparkle to your child’s bath time


milk bath

A full body experience naturally soothes, softens & hydrates the skin! Pure Soothing Effervescent Milk Bath for a full body treatment.


Delivery or pick up in the Chicagoland area